Business Software Alliance Audit

Business Software Alliance Audit

If your company has received a letter from the Business Software Alliance (BSA) regarding alleged copyright infringement or software piracy, before you respond to the letter or speak with the attorneys representing the BSA, you need to understand the reasons for and requirements of the letter from the Business Software Alliance.

In lieu of a lawsuit against your company for copyright infringement, the Business Software Alliance is inviting your company to conduct its own internally conducted audit of all BSA-member software that was installed on your company’s computers as of the date that you received the first correspondence from the BSA. The Business Software Alliance then expects your company to produce the results of this software audit, coupled with sales receipts and invoices that indicate the date the software was acquired, so that the BSA can assess a fine for any software for which your company fails to prove that it timely and properly licensed according to the BSA’s standards. Failing to fully understand the BSA audit requirements often results in the assessment of a much larger fine than is necessary.

Dorman Bell was founded by attorneys with over 20 years of software development and software licensing experience. No other law firm can match our level of technical and legal expertise when it comes to understanding and optimizing complex software licenses to legitimately minimize your exposure during a software audit by the Business Software Alliance.

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