Software License Audit Defense

Software License Audit Defense

If your company has received a letter from a software publisher or one of their trade organizations, such as the Business Software Alliance or the Software and Information Industry Association, regarding alleged copyright infringement or software piracy, before you respond to the letter or speak with the attorneys representing the Business Software Alliance, you need to speak with experienced counsel that understand the unique matters involved with a software license audit.

Each member of our Software License Audit Defense practice is a Certified Professional in Software Asset Management, having the knowledge and experience to help our clients avoid the penalties of not being in compliance with their software licenses.

Many companies do not understand the extent of the possible fines as a result of these software license audits and proceed to conduct the audit themselves or hire third-part IT vendors who lack the necessary legal knowledge of the intricate software licenses.  Dorman Bell has extensive experience in defending companies faced with conducting an internal software license audit.  We have the experience of defending hundreds of software license audits and we work with an experienced software license audit company to maximize your existing software licenses and minimize any potential fines levied by the Business Software Alliance or the Software and Information Industry Association.

To learn more about how Dorman Bell can help with your Software License Audit, please contact our practice group leader, Corby Bell, via our contact form.