Outside General Counsel Services

Outside General Counsel Services

Whether large or small, companies are faced with potential legal obstacles that require the knowledge of an attorney. The attorneys at Dorman Bell understand these challenges, and provide an alternative, cost-effective service to hiring in-house counsel. Our firm believes that a collaborative, team-based approach provides clients with the information and decision-making power to resolve legal issues that arise in daily operations. We will work closely with your management to custom tailor a general counsel plan based on your needs and the size of your business. Clients choose our firm because our attorneys know that each client is different and requires special attention. The boutique setting of our law firm allows for every team member to know and understand the needs of each client. By listening to the client and rendering sound counsel regarding all the options available, the attorneys at Dorman Bell are able to provide our clients with the intelligence necessary to make informed decisions without the burden or expense of hiring full-time legal counsel.

Areas of Expertise

Clients trust the team of attorneys at Dorman Bell to handle a wide variety of issues. No matter what type of question comes our way, we are equipped to treat each issue individually and carefully. Our experience extends across a broad range of categories with a deep understanding of the needs of our clients. We settle for nothing less than results that are in the best interest of each client and we excel at exceeding expectations.

  • Intellectual Property Protection and Disputes
  • Contract Drafting, Negotiation, and Disputes
  • Employment Law Issues
  • Compliance with state and federal laws
  • Licensing Issues
  • Business formation and dissolution
  • Litigation

Positive Impact

Our outside general counsel service affords the same benefits of in-house counsel, with the flexibility of only using our firm when needed. In addition, we will work with your business to customize a fee plan that is cost effective and fits your budget. Our flexibility, affordability, and wide range of expertise provide an assured solution to any legal issue that may arise which in turn allows you to focus on your main priority: running a successful business. Let our attorneys positively impact your business plan by providing outside general counsel services.

To learn more about how Dorman Bell can help you with your general counsel needs, please call us at (214) 736-7168 or contact us via our contact form.