IP Portfolio Management

IP Portfolio Management

Dorman Bell’s IP Portfolio Management team integrates the identification and protection of intellectual property with the objectives of our clients.  Identifying intellectual property assets and implementing reliable processes to protect them can be difficult.  We have significant experience providing our clients with advice on identifying, assessing, and protecting their intellectual property rights, including discovering patent, copyright, trademark, and trade secrets rights so that may be adequately protected.  We are also involved in helping our clients develop intellectual property licensing agreements to generate significant royalty revenue from their innovations.

Our attorneys are experienced at reviewing the business goals of our clients and developing strategies to identify and protect the proper intellectual property assets, whether it be to build an intellectual property portfolio to simply protect a company’s investment, to generate licensing revenue, as a defense to allegations of infringement by others, or to build an attractive intellectual property portfolio as an incentive for possible acquisition.  We aim to help you improve the value of your business, and are experienced at analyzing products and processes to identify the most attractive intellectual property assets to protect.

Another aspect of our IP Portfolio Management practice involves developing effective employment agreements that maximize protection of intellectual property rights from employees, contractors, and other third parties.  This includes nondisclosure agreements, independent contractor agreements, joint-venture agreement, and research and development agreements.

To learn more about how Dorman Bell can help with your Intellectual Property Portfolio Management needs, please contact our practice group leader, Corby Bell, via our contact form.