Patent Litigation

Patent Litigation

Because a patent, in effect, grants a monopoly to its owner over certain products or processes, it can be the most valuable intellectual property asset a company owns and needs to be protected.  Our Patent Litigation practice is designed to do just that.  Dorman Bell has significant experience in protecting our clients’ patents through litigation.  We also have significant experience defending our clients against allegations of infringing another’s patent.

Because patent litigation is expensive, we strive to seek alternative methods of resolution to these matters that provide benefits for all involved.  Too often, patent litigation attorneys jeopardize their client’s interests by charging outrageous fees and racking up every billable hour they can.  While patent litigation is sometimes unavoidable, Dorman Bell is skilled at seeking alternative methods of resolving these disputes to benefit our clients and resorts to litigation as a last resort.

Our patent practice also includes counseling and rendering opinions on patent rights, performing patent due diligence in mergers and acquisitions, and negotiating patent licenses.

To learn more about how Dorman Bell can help with your Patent Litigation needs, please contact our practice group leader, Corby Bell, via our contact form.