The cases below are representative of our experience and the results we have achieved for our clients.  However, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Every case is different. The results obtained in your particular case depend heavily on the facts of your particular case. Similar results to those mentioned below may not be obtained in your case.

Representing the accused infringer, our attorneys were successful in defeating plaintiff’s motion for a temporary restraining order in an action where our client was accused of violating plaintiff’s trademarks and committing acts of unfair competition.  We ultimately negotiated a settlement in which the plaintiff agreed to provide the costs for our client to convert to a new mark.  Other terms were provided in a confidential settlement agreement.

Our client, a prominent supplier of insurance products and services, discovered a new competitor using its trademark to confuse customers and pilfer business.  After investigating the competitor, we discovered a complex web of international and off-shore companies behind the company.  After successfully serving all related companies through the Hague Convention, we were successful in obtaining a preliminary injunction as well as a settlement in our client’s favor that included the competitor paying damages as well as rebranding at their own cost and destroying all existing material with the infringing mark.  Other terms were provided in a confidential settlement agreement.

With our help, our client, a marketing company in the automotive industry, uncovered a conspiracy to misappropriate its trade secrets.  We were successful in obtaining a temporary restraining order preventing the defendants from further actions harmful to our client.  A settlement was finally reached in the case where the defendants, former employees of the plaintiff, were prevented from working in the same or similar industry for three years.  Other terms were provided in a confidential settlement agreement.

Representing the accused infringer, we were able to successfully represented one of the largest online florists before the National Arbitration Forum to protect the client’s trademarks and domain name.  After presenting a thorough case of non-infringement to the NAF, the arbitrator decided that our client could continue using its domain name.

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