The cases below are representative of our experience and the results we have achieved for our clients.  However, past performance is no guarantee of future results. Every case is different. The results obtained in your particular case depend heavily on the facts of your particular case. Similar results to those mentioned below may not be obtained in your case.

Representing the creator of a complex financial software program, we were able to demonstrate to a court the similarity of the accused infringing software program.  The court entered a judgment of copyright infringement against the defendant, including an award of damages and attorney’s fees.

After learning that his rights were breached in an exclusive development agreement, our attorneys were successful in representing a developer of video games in a copyright and breach of contract dispute.  After initial discovery, a settlement was reached that included a potentially lucrative royalty for our client.  Other terms were provided in a confidential settlement agreement.

Our client, a leader in the financial services industry, was accused by a software publisher of copyright infringement.  After assisting our client conduct a self-audit of the software installed on its network, and helping our client optimize their available software licenses, we presented the results of the audit to the software publisher.  After receiving a demand for damages, we were able to negotiate a final settlement that was approximately 30% of the opening number.  Other terms were provided in a confidential settlement agreement.

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